Kang and Kodos Twirl N’ Hurl Testing Begins at Universal Studios Orlando

Kang and Kodos Twirl N’ Hurl Testing Begins, delighting guests at Universal Studios Orlando.  The newest addition is more like a carnival ride and has been compared to Dumbo at Disney World. However this ride has something special.

Apart from the appeal of it coming straight out of the Simpsons, a very well-liked show by millions of people, the Universal Studios Orlando ride features targets that guests have to hit in order to activate interactive elements. I’m not sure exactly what those elements may be but as soon as I ride it I will let you all know. It is currently only in a testing phase, but it is catching the attention of guests even of they just pass by. It is the only  “off-the-shelf” ride (That is a ride that was not entirely designed specifically for the park. Rather it is an existing ride popular at carnivals and other such traveling events that has been taken and modified to fit the theme) and has received some criticism for that.

It is all part of a Simpsons themed area of the park including Moe’s Tavern, burger joints and of course, a Donut shop  and indoor ride. Also fun meet and greets were already incorporated last week.

Universal Studios Orlando Simpsons Ride

Universal Studios Orlando's newest Ride

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