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Disney World® Theme Park Tickets

Disney World Resort has many ways to customize your Disney vacation, starting with the tickets.
There are many Disney ticket options, which can be very confusing; every day we hear questions such as, "What is a 'water park fun and more' option?" "Should I get the 'hopper' option?" "How do I pick the right tickets for my vacation?"

A vacation is supposed to be stress-free; that is why we've written this Guide to Understanding Disney Tickets. For more help, feel free to call one of our trained Disney Reservation Specialists, toll free 1-866-882.4720.

Disney Base Tickets

In a Nutshell:  The Disney base ticket will allow you to visit 1 park only per ticket day. The ticket can be for 1 to 10 days (the more days, the cheaper it gets). The ticket will expire 14 days after the first visit. Specially in high season it will take you a whole day to visit each park, so this is the most commonly used ticket

NEW: Starting June 6th, 2013 Disney World has a new 1 day Ticket to magic Kingdom and a separate 1-day Ticket for Animal Kingdom, or Epcot, or Hollywood Studios. These are different tickets and can not be used but for the theme park specified on the ticket (1-day Magic Kingdom is more expensive). Multi-day tickets (2 days and on) will be used for all park regardless.



Disney World's Magic Your Way Base Ticket is the standard ticket type for Disney theme park admission; they're the base that you can add options on top of. These tickets get you into 1 Disney theme park each day. Walt Disney World tickets are designed to be used for a certain number of days; you can buy a ticket for anywhere between 1 day and up to 10 days of admission. No matter how many days of Disney theme park admission you buy, you use the same ticket every day you go to the parks. The tickets are not park-specific; that is, a 2-day base ticket will get you admission into, for example, Magic Kingdom on day 1, and you can pick another park- Magic Kingdom (again), Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or Disney's Hollywood Studios- on day 2. So that ticket you used your first day? You got it; you use it again for days 2, 3, 4 and 5.

As of June 1st, 2013  the gate prices with tax are as follows:

Days at the park Adults, Ages 10 and up Children ages 3 to 9
1 day Magic Kingdom $101.18 $94.79
1 day Animal Kingdom, or Epcot, or Hollywood Studios $95.85 $89.46
2 $195.96 $183.18
3 $279.03 $259.86
4 $297.14 $276.90
5 $307.79 $287.55
6 $318.44 $298.20
7 $329.09 $308.85
8 $339.74 $319.50
9 $350.39 $330.15
10 $361.04 $340.80

It's also important for you to know that with the Disney World Base Ticket, you only get admission to one major theme park per day for each day on your ticket. That 5 day Base Ticket could get you admission to Magic Kingdom your first day, Epcot the second day, Hollywood Studios on the third day, and Animal Kingdom on the fourth day. You then have a fifth day left on your ticket to spend at any 1 of those four main Walt Disney World theme parks. Also, you can leave and re-enter the same park on the day, but re-entry is for the same park only (be sure to get your hand stamped at the exit).

So, as you can already guess, there is no specific order to the parks. You don't have to visit all of 4 of them (you can go to Magic Kingdom every day of your vacation, or any other park if you wish).

As for expirations, you don't need to visit the parks on consecutive days. The ticket will expire 14 days after the first use (more on that later).


Disney Ticket Park Hopper Add-On

In a Nutshell:
The park hopper option allows to go from one Disney park to another on the same day. Not recommended on high season (Spring Break, Christmas and major holidays). Add a flat rate of $41.54 (tax included) for 1 day, or $62.84 (tax included) for 2 days or more to the above base ticket price for this option.


One of the great things about Disney World tickets is the ability to customize them to fit your vacation needs. The Park Hopper add-on is an option you can add to your regular Walt Disney World Magic Your Way theme park tickets. Having the Park Hopper option on your Disney theme park tickets means you can enter two, three, or even all four of the main Disney theme parks each day. The option works for park hopping every day that your ticket is valid, so you can use the Park Hopper every day you use your ticket.

The Park Hopper option adds only $55 to any Base ticket that's for 2 or more days. To add this option to a 1 day ticket, however, the price is only $35. Whether it's an adult or child ticket, 2 days or 10 days, the add-on is the same price per Disney ticket. Just remember, this only gets you park hopping access to the four major Disney World theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

Let's say that you added the Park Hopper option to your 5 day Disney Base tickets. Now these tickets are called 5 Day Park Hoppers. You could spend your first day at Magic Kingdom to have breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and explore that park, then "park hop" over to Epcot for the afternoon for the rides and dinner at one of the great restaurants there.


Disney Water Park Fun & More (WPF&M)

In a Nutshell:
The Water Park Fun & More option will add the Water parks (Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon), Disney Quest Arcade, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, round of mini-golf at Fantasia Gardens (before 4 pm) and round of mini-golf at Winter Summerland (before 4 pm) to your ticket.

Select this if you plan to visit more that 1 minor park during your stay; If you want only 1 water park, or Disney Quest, is less expensive to select the individual park from the list.  Extra cost on top of the base-price ticket is $62.84 (tax included). You get the same number of extra days at the minor attractions as the number of total days on your ticket.

Note: if you select the Hopper option AND the Plus option the cost is $89.46 more per ticket, $36.22 less than the separate options ($62.84 + $62.84 = 125.68) .




This is another option that you can add to your Disney base ticket for $60.71 (tax included), adult or child, whether for 1 day or 10 days. This add-on gives you admission to the minor parks. These include: Blizzard Beach water park, Typhoon Lagoon water park, Oak Trail golf course, Disney's Wide World of Sports, and Disney Quest. For 1 or 2 day tickets, you get two admissions to the minor parks; that is, you can go to a minor park twice. For example, with this option added onto your base ticket, you could decide to go to both water parks.

For more days, you get admission equal to the number of days on your ticket. On a 5 day ticket, this would mean 5 times. This means each initial entry- that is, if you enter a minor park you may re-enter later that day. But going to the same minor park the next day will use up another admission.

For example, you could choose to do Typhoon Lagoon in the morning, Oak Trail golf in the afternoon and finish the night at Disney Quest. This would use up 3 admissions from the total amount you have on your ticket. Or you could space it out and use one per day; any way you like.

Because the minor park admission is separate from main theme park admission, any day that you visit a minor park and do not go to a main theme park will not use up any of your regular Disney theme park days, only a WPF&M admission. Another reminder, each initial entry to one of those minor parks uses a WPF&M admission. So if you visit 3 on one day, it will use 3 of those admissions. However, you can return to the same minor park on the same day and it will still only use that first admission.

You do NOT need to get the Park Hopper option in order to have the Water Park Fun & More option added onto your Disney base ticket.


Disney Ticket Expiration option

In a Nutshell:
All tickets expire 14 days after the first use. The No Expiration option is a very rarely used option that allows you to come back on future vacations and use the remaining UNUSED days.
If you expect to be a frequent visitor within the same year, check out the annual passes at the Disney website instead.



All ticket admissions, including those with the Park Hopper and Water Park Fun & More options, expire 14 days after any part of the ticket is first used, whether at one of the main Disney theme parks or at one of the minor parks. The 14 day period to use the remainder of the ticket starts when the ticket is first used for admission.

As long as the ticket has not been used through any turnstile it is considered unused and has no expiration date. Disney tickets never have an expiration date until you start using them.

However, there is a No Expire option you can add to your Disney tickets. The price ranges, starting at $25 for 2 day tickets, and depends on how many days are on the base ticket. The No Expiration works for all parts of the ticket including Park Hopping and the Water Park Fun & More options. Any unused admissions will never expire (really, not ever), so if you purchased a 6 or more days Disney ticket to take advantage of the lower cost per day (the longer the stay, the less cost per day you'll pay) but not sure you'll use them all, maybe it's  a very good idea to add the No Expire option.

Finally; we haven't talked about annual passes; if you live nearby and think you will be able to visit us often throughout the year, this may be the right ticket.


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