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The 3 Worst Mistakes
that will Ruin Your Vacation

So you’ve bought all the Disney toys, joined the Disney Movie Club, and now you’re ready to take the big plunge: DisneyWorld! There are a few things to keep in mind while you and your family are out having the times of their lives:

1. Vouchers & Cheap Ticket Scams

Most vendors sell you a voucher…not an actual ticket. You need to stand in line (~20-30 min) to get your actual tickets. And iexpedia coupon codesf you lose a voucher or ticket, you may have to buy a new one at full price.

Beware of the “unused days” ticket scam. If you buy an “unused days” ticket (maybe even without realizing that’s the case), you can only hope that the ticket is still active (tickets expires 14 days after first use). There’s no way to know until you’re at the park gates, and if you got an inactive ticket, you have to buy a new one.

If you didn’t buy it from a reputable site like Coupon Coder, which sells Disneyworld tickets and is a very good Expedia coupon website. You can also use sites like DiscountGo for car hires.

We always send your tickets (no vouchers) straight to your hotel front desk, so you can skip the ticket line. And if you lose a ticket, we’ll send you the info you need to get a free copy from the theme park.

2. Unrealistic planning

Your vacation won’t feel like a vacation if you spend it running from one place to another. It takes a full day to experience a theme park fully. If you try to do more, especially during the busy seasons, a constant rush and short tempers can easily ruin your vacation.

When you get a package from us, our specialists will check it to make sure your plans make for a great vacation instead of a fight against time. If it looks like you’ll be in a rush, we’ll let you know about it and recommend an alternative, so you can change your reservation before it’s too late.

You’ll avoid buying unnecessarily expensive tickets and making plans that won’t work in the end.

3. The wrong hotel

When hotels say, “we’re close to the theme parks,” it can mean a 45-minute drive without traffic. There are more than 400 hdisneyworld vacation packagesotels in the Orlando area. We’ve narrowed down the list to the ones that are actually near the theme parks and excluded the ones in bad neighborhoods.

We’ve also compared the prices and checked for basic amenities (for example, free breakfast and transportation to the parks). The options we offer are all safe for your family and vacation schedule.

When you book a hotel through us, you can be sure it’s a great choice. And our specialists will even double-check your booking to make sure that your hotel is a great match with the parks you’re planning to visit and that there are no cheaper rooms available (for example, a two-bedroom suite can be bigger and cheaper than two separate rooms).

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We hand-pick hotels based on value, amenities, location, and family friendliness and negotiate wholesale rates with those hotels. Then we combine them with wholesale priced theme park tickets to create the cheapest vacation packages available.

No waiting in line
to buy tickets

Just check in at your hotel.
Your tickets are waiting
at the front desk at no extra cost.

Besides the savings, skipping the ticket lines means less stress and more time to enjoy your day.

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Since 2003, we have provided tens of thousands of guests with affordable Disney vacation packages by local travel experts.

We are Sellers of Travel licensed by the State of Florida and registered with both Disney World and Universal Studios, so you will receive unbiased, expert help from locals who love visiting the theme parks!

We can help you decide where to go, how long to be there, and where to stay, based on what you need to make your dreams come true.

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We work hard at making your vacation stress free; all packages include hotel accommodations, theme park tickets, and taxes, with a 100% Package Price Guarantee!

We work with a selected list of hotels in Orlando, with a wide range of locations and prices, so your vacation package will be fully customized to fit all of your needs.

We also offer a 24-Hour No Cancellation Fee policy. And at no extra cost, your theme park tickets will be waiting for you at the hotel front desk upon check-in.

Growing Up Disney

A short story by Isabella Furiorio

I’ve lived in the city of Orlando, FL most of my life. Florida is a humid place, but the winters can be wonderful. And of course, it’s close to all the theme parks: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and SeaWorld. I call myself a “Disney Baby,” having been more or less raised in the parks. My first time ever at Disney was when we moved here. I was four years old. Even now, looking around the house, I see Mickey Mouse hoodies, the Mickey and Minnie salt shaker set my mom gave me, a few Disney stuffed animals.

When I was young, my parents would sneak me out of class and take me to Magic Kingdom; we had annual passes from an early age. (Of course, tickets have gone up in price since then.) It felt like the best family trip whenever we’d go, though we only had to travel about twenty minutes by car to get to our ‘vacation.’ Still, our family vacations were at the theme parks, and I remember running up to the turnstile, ticket in my little hand, waiting to get into Magic Kingdom without having to wait in the long line with everyone else! Disney World wasn’t the only park, though.

Blizzard Beach, the water park, was my go-to place in the summer. I loved the rides there better than Typhoon Lagoon, since I was still a younger kid. I remember one time, getting lost there; my mom was hysterical when she finally found me, though now she recounts the story with hysterical laughter. I was at the lost kid station, queen of the lost kids, like Peter Pan in Neverland. When I left, they bowed sadly, giving me paper crowns and pieces of lint in offering.

When I got a bit older, SeaWorld was one of my favorite themepark locations. Aquatica didn’t exist for many years, not yet. But Sea World felt like its own water park, with icy splashes by Shamu and interactive shows with other sea creatures! I had a birthday party there; though, when they promised I could meet Shamu, I expected the killer whale, not a man in a costume. I was seven and I was going to have the party at Busch Gardens, but it’s a lot further away, almost an hour a a half from some of my friends homes,

so not everyone could go (nowadays you can get a free bus ride from SeaWorld though) and for some of my classmates was the first time they were able to go to Sea World. We had a room were we had cake and afterwards they took us to the Shamu show where they have a space reserved for us, of course on the splash zone! I felt like royalty and that party (sounds materialistic, I know) made me very popular with my friends for some time 🙂

Over time, the trips to SeaWorld turned into trips to Universal Studios and later, it included Universals Islands of Adventure and Halloween Horror Nights (once I was old enough to go!). Now, Islands of Adventure includes the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Universal Orlando is its own resort. My high school was across the street (go Panthers!), and after class a group of us would make our way, lugging our heavy backpacks, to Universal’s CityWalk. We didn’t all have passes to the parks, but we were free to walk between them, scouring the candy store for Rocket Belts and Lemonheads and Bertie Botts’ Every-Flavor Beans. We’d watch a movie or grab some potato skins at the Hard Rock Cafe, and my sister would sneak into the hotels nearby and use the pool. She was eventually caught after she forgot her swimsuit but on a dare jumped in fully dressed and there were complaints and violations of codes. My parents just laughed and shook their heads. She still goes, sometimes; “if you look like you belong, they will not ask for a hotel ID” is her motto.

Christmas is a magical time. Since I’ve become an adult (only on the outside, mind you), I watch the calendar and wait for November. That’s when the magic really starts. We head to Epcot, where the giant Christmas tree marks the path to the World Showcase. We get into the Candlelight Processional, hot chocolate burning our tongues, and watch the fireworks light up the night sky with hopes for world peace. Every year, I leave the park feeling a little more hopeful, even with the fighting and unrest in the world. I guess Disney truly is a magical place.