Orlando Vacation Planning: Important Money Saving Tips

Planning a Disney or Universal Studios orlando vacation was never cheap, but it does not mean that you have to empty out your piggy bank in order to afford it. Of course, a lot depends on many little choices you have to make on a day-to-day basis while at the park.

Because of this, I have decided to give you a few important money saving tips for your Orlando vacation:

  • Buy groceries outside your resort
    If you got there on a road trip or rented a car there, you can always head to any local grocery store and get what you need. If that is not the case, you can always count on the grocery delivery services that many stores in Orlando offer. There is generally a fee involved of around $15, but it is still much cheaper than getting stuff at a Disney gift shop. You can also save quite a bit of money by cooking instead of eating at a Disney restaurant, but I do think that is an experience worth spending a little more for.
  • Forget about sodas
    Sodas at the theme parks can go for over $3 each, so you could be saving over $10 per day just on yourself if you bring your own or skip them altogether. (it is important to note that soda makes you thirstier and more dehydrated than water does anyway, so i recommend bringing your own refillable water bottle)
  • Use credit cards
    Yes, if you do not keep a tab on your spending, you can definitely abuse a credit card and wind up with an eternal debt or a terrible credit score, but they are a great ally when used correctly! You can earn a lot in rewards and use that for even more spending!