Orlando Vacation Planning: Money Saving Tips III

Planning a Disney or Universal Studios Orlando vacation is never going to be cheap, but it does not mean that you have to empty out your piggy bank in order to afford it.

Of course, a lot depends on many little choices you have to make on a day-to-day basis while at the park. Because of this, I have decided to give you a few more money saving tips for your Orlando vacation. Another tip I have isn’t so much about saving money as it is making the trip peaceful and as easy possible for you. A lot of times little ones have trouble on airplanes because of the noise, there is just too much going on. A good pair of travel-friendly headphones can be a real life-saver. My kids often fall asleep with them on!

disneyworld money saving tips

  • Deluxe resortsDeluxe resorts are always the most expensive alternative when it comes to lodging, so they are definitely not an option for you if you are on a budget. If you still want the comfort and luxury of a great place and you are still willing to spend more than what a cheap but basic place would cost, you can go for the moderate resorts. Staying outside any of the resort complexes is also a great alternative, but it means that you have to figure out a different, non-complimentary way of getting to the parks.
  • Be smart about souvenirs
    I know, I know, souvenirs are the best way of taking something home with you to remember your trip by, but are they really necessary? When you really think about it, most of the souvenirs that you take home with you will end up lost or in the garbage a few weeks or months in; I know mine do. Instead of spending lots of money on things you will not really cherish, why not just take pictures and soak in every moment of the experience?
  • Forget about Combo Meals
    You can save an extra $1.50 to $2.00 per person by removing sides or drinks from the meals you decide to buy at the theme park you are visiting. Also, the size of the meals is sometimes so big that you will not even really want the sides anyways.

Do you have any other useful money saving tips?