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Universal Orlando Tickets Guide

Universal Orlando is known for its extreme roller coasters, nostalgic (and exciting) movie rides, and well-loved characters. With the addition of the relatively brand new Wizarding World of Harry Potter (included in regular admission to Universal's Islands of Adventure), incredibly popular after opening its doors just over a single year ago, even more visitors have discovered the adventure that Universal Orlando offers anyone looking for a relaxing vacation. With plenty to do. Here, guests can let loose, tap into their inner child, and have some stress-free fun!

CityWalk is the walkway that connects Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks. It surrounds a lake and offers a ferry ride to Universal property hotels. Lined with shops, clubs, bars, restaurants, a movie theater, shows, and more, it offers free admission and does not require a ticket to explore. Some Universal Orlando tickets include admission to venues that normally require a cover charge.

    Buy a Universal 2 Day ticket, Get a Third Day Free

In a Nutshell: Just select a 2 day ticket (with or without the "park to park" option); the 3rd day will be automatically adjusted after we receive your reservation and will appear on your confirmation letter as "Universal 2 Day plus 1 Day Free" or "Universal 2 Day Park to Park plus 1 Day Free" if you purchased the park-to-park option.

Important Note:
This ticket will completely expire on My 20th, 2014; unused days will be lost.


Islands of Adventure, is divided into different islands including Marvel, Dr. Seuss, and Harry Potter themed islands. Universal Studios is focused more on movies, and its areas are named after cities such as San Francisco and New York. It includes famous rides such as Men In Black and the Simpsons ride, as well as Shrek 4D and other classics derived from movies.

Adding to the excitement are several Universal Orlando ticket options that will help you customize your experience for the most value, the most time, and the most fun. Compared to many theme parks, Universal vacation tickets are actually not very complicated at all; in fact, there are only three basic choices, each of which can help you make the best of your trip. This guide doesn't cover Florida resident, timeshare, "cheap" or "discounted" tickets, just the tickets available and what the best option for your vacation. For Disney Tickets click here;  Read below for help choosing the tickets that are right for your vacation. If you're still not sure, contact one of our trained Reservation Specialists today!


Universal Orlando Base Tickets


  The Universal Orlando base ticket will allow you to visit 1 park only per ticket day. The ticket can be for 1 to 4 days (the more days, the cheaper it gets). The ticket will expire 14 days after the first visit. Specially in high season it will take you a whole day to visit each park, so this is the most commonly  used ticket  


Universal Orlando Base Ticket is the standard ticket type for admission to the Universal Orlando theme parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. These base tickets allow for admission to 1 Universal Orlando theme park each day, Universal Studios OR Islands of Adventure. These tickets can be bought for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days of theme park admission. For example, if you buy a 3 day base ticket, you have 3 days to go to the parks, one park per day. You could go to Islands of Adventure for 2 days and spend 1 day at Universal Studios or 2 days at Universal Studios and 1 day at Islands of Adventure.

NOTE: These tickets prices were updated on June 1st, 2013 & reflect the BEST price for those tickets, even purchased online with special discounts.

Ticket Type Adults Kids (ages 3-9)
1-day $97.98 $91.59
2-day $134.19 $123.54
3-day $150.17 $138.45
4-day $160.82 $148.04


Universal Orlando Park-to-Park Tickets


  The park to park option will allow you to go from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure theme parks within the same day, as often as you want. Great for diverse families that want to share some rides but prefer one park over the other.  


Universal Orlando Park-to-Park Ticket gives you more freedom to explore the two main theme parks. With the park-to-park ticket option, you can go hop between the two theme parks, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, every day that you visit the parks. Just like the Universal Orlando Base Ticket, these tickets can be bought for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of theme park admission. In other words, a 2 Day Park-to-Park ticket would give you 2 days to go to the parks, and on both days you can hop between both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks.

NOTE: These tickets prices were updated on June 1st, 2013 & reflect the BEST price for those tickets, even purchased online with special discounts.

Ticket Type Adults Kids (ages 3-9)
1-day Park-to-Park option $136.32 $129.93
2-day Park-to-Park option $156.56 $145.91
3-day Park-to-Park option $170.40 $158.69
4-day Park-to-Park option $178.92 $166.14

Yet another perk to getting the Park-to-Park option added to your ticket is that is also offers admission to many of the paid Universal Orlando CityWalk venues, such as clubs with cover charge. Please note that many clubs and bars are 21+ only, though some may offer teen nights.


Universal Orlando Ticket Expiration


  All Universal theme park tickets expire 14 days after the first you (once you enter one of the parks, the clock starts).  

All Universal tickets, including those with Park-to-Park or Wet & Wild admission, expire 14 days after the ticket is first used at any park. The 14 day period to use the remaining days on the ticket starts when the ticket is first used for admission, be it for Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, or Wet & Wild. However, as long as the ticket has not been used through any turnstile, it is considered unused and has no expiration date. So if you buy Universal tickets and you decide not to use them just yet, feel free to save them for later!

With these Universal Orlando ticket options the base ticket for shorter stays or for devoting time to each park individually, one per day; the Park-to-Park option, for quick park hopping or to get a taste of each park for later; and the 3-Park Unlimited ticket, for water park admission and longer stays at any Universal Orlando vacation can be customized to fit your needs, budget, and appetite for excitement.

Orlando FlexTicket

Orlando Flexticket is a special multi-park ticket that is truly a great deal for anyone that is wanting to visit Universal Orlando and SeaWorld. This ticket gives guests admission to not one, not two, but FIVE Orlando theme parks: SeaWorld, Aquatica, Universal Studios, Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure, and Universal's Wet 'N Wild water park. Orlando FlexTickets are valid for 14 consecutive days from first use and offer unlimited access to all five parks listed above for the entirety of those two weeks. With a deal like that, there has to be perks, right? Right. Guests that buy the Orlando FlexTicket will gain free access to several CityWalk venues with live entertainment including The Groove, Bob Marley's a Tribute to Freedom, and several others. Also included is one-time paid parking per day; just bring your receipt with you to the other parks. The Orlando FlexTickets expire 14 consecutive days after first use.

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